Hologram Heat Transfer Vinyl
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Hologram Heat Transfer Vinyl


This hologram heat transfer vinyl has shiny patterned surface which can express different visual effect with different colors and patterns, adding fancy and brilliant feature to the clothing(15 patterns to choose from).Source factory, support factory inspection,free sample available,welcome to consult.

YH-J016Hologram(Silver)50 cm x 50 M
YH-J017Hologram(Golden)50 cm x 50 M
YH-J018Hologram(Red)50 cm x 50 M
YH-J019Hologram(Green)50 cm x 50 M
YH-J020Hologram(Blue)50 cm x 50 M
YH-J021Hologram(Silver-Rainbows)50 cm x 50 M
YH-J022Hologram(Black)50 cm x 50 M
YH-J023Hologram(Drawing-Silver)50 cm x 50 M
YH-J024Hologram(Drawing-Golden)50 cm x 50 M
YH-J025Hologram(Cullet-Silver)50 cm x 50 M
YH-J026Hologram(Cullet-Golden)50 cm x 50 M
YH-J027Hologram(Square-Silver)50 cm x 50 M
YH-J028Hologram(Rainbow)50 cm x 50 M
YH-J029Hologram(Phantom Blue)50 cm x 50 M
YH-J030Hologram(Phantom Red)50 cm x 50 M